Nationwide Protest Against Compulsory Hijab

July 12, Streets of Iran

by #WhiteWednesdays and #MyCameraIsMyWeapon Campaigns

For forty years, we, Iranian women, have been fighting against the compulsory hijab in various campaigns. We have gained experience along the way and our demand for the right to choose clothing and our protest against physical and mental violence caused by the compulsory hijab has turned into one of the main civil movements of today’s Iran. We say NO to forty years of humiliation of Iranian men and women. Our protest is against  discrimination and humiliation cause by the compulsory hiajb, not a piece of cloth. Our demand is to respect human dignity, freedom of opinion and the right to choose our own clothing and lifestyle, and to “SAY NO” to gender apartheid.

Every day of our life has become protest and civil disobedience. Men and women stand together shoulder to shoulder along this path in collective actions. Now, we Iranian men and women against the compulsory hijab, continue all the protests of the last 40 years, in a wider campaign of No2Hijab (#حجاب_بی_حجاب) and we are determined to once again appear in the public spaces of our cities wearing our choice of clothing and protest. Our goal is to show solidarity against the fundamental concept of compulsory hijab as one of the pillars of a religious dictatorship. We believe that if we break any pillar of this apartheid government, we will get closer to freedom. Join us!

We, the women, say “NO” to compulsory hijab. We say “NO” to a regime whose laws are all anti-women. Let’s keep this discrimination in our minds daily and remember that it is with the money and budget of this country that they want to celebrate hijab and chastity on July 12th, in the stadium where women are banned from entering. Let’s take back our share of the streets on July 12th, on the same day. Spread this message to all the people who are against the compulsory hijab. In parties, schools, workplaces, public transportation, shopping centers and other spaces that allow us to communicate collectively, we can convey our message to our fellow citizens.

We invite all Iranian women and men, members of the women’s movement, students’ movement, retirees, labor workers, athletes and other justice seeking movements of Iran to join the fight against the compulsory hijab in any way they can. Let each of us carry a torch as far as we can. Do not wait for a leader. Do not wait for a savior. Each of us protesting women is a leader for change. If each of us brings a friend or family, we will make the biggest demonstration against the compulsory hijab.




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