My Stealthy Freedom is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to challenging the compulsory hijab laws of the Islamic Republic. These laws force all women, from the age of 7 to wear compulsory hijab and treat women as second-class citizen.  Women have no choice but to obey these misogynist laws or face as many as 72 lashes, a jail sentence and a fine.

My Stealthy Freedom supports Iranian women’s basic right to choose, to decide for themselves what to wear and how to cover themselves, or what not wear. It’s about freedom to choose. My Stealthy Freedom promotes the cases of women who through acts of civil disobedience ight these discriminatory laws. Through its programs and media outreach, My Stealthy Freedom informs and educates American citizens as well as citizens of Europe and the Middle East about discriminatory laws in Islamic Republic that punish women. To that end, My Stealthy Freedom strives to empower Iranians to resist and be a voice for the voiceless in Iran. By sharing and transmitting their stories and struggles to a global audience, it is our hope to gain global support for Iranian women, and men, as they fight gender apartheid, free from religious tyranny.

Your donation can make a huge difference. Together we are stronger.