Tehran’s head of revolutionary court said women who send Masih Alinejad videos risk jail sentence up to 10 years of jail.

This is part of regime’s campaign intimidation to control women and impose its bad laws. The regime is scared of the women who have embarked on a campaign of civil disobedience. I’ll keep going and spread the voices of people as long as I keep receiving videos

Iran’s authorities are using incommunicado detention, prolonged solitary confinement and threats against family members in order to extract forced video “confessions” from women’s rights defenders detained for campaigning against the country’s discriminatory forced veiling (hijab) laws, said Amnesty International. 

The organization has identified a pattern of at least six such cases since April 2019. In one of them, a young women’s rights defender has been subjected to enforced disappearance defender from 2 to 13 July.

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A video of a teenage girl in Tehran being violently arrested by police after playing with water guns has sparked fury in Iran, once again exposing Islamic Republic’s draconian laws.

The video first published by Masih Alinejad, an Iranian activist, who campaigns against mandatory hijabs, went viral on Iranian social media networks, and prompted floor of Iranian 30 lawmakers to draft a letter calling on the Minister of Interior to answer for the violent behavior of his officers.

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