Like Taliban and Boko Haram now Islamic Republic is poisoning schoolgirls in Iran. More than 1200 students are being hospitalized. My interview with

@MSNBC on this biological terror and why we believe that the Iranian regime is behind the attacks. #MahsaAmini

Foreign minister of Belgium,

@hadjalahbib who cut her hair in solidarity with #MahsaAmini and us Iranian women a few months ago, now welcomes our oppressors in Europe. Iranian women are still getting poisoned, jailed, raped, blinded and killed, for the crime of #WalkingUnveiled just like you.

For years, the West tried negotiating with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Yet, all it got is violence & insecurity. The West must negotiate with Iranian people. A democratic Iran led by its people will be a source of peace and security.

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