Wow I’m speechless! Today the US government asked the Iranian regime that killed #MahsaAmini and more than 500 people who protested her murder to investigate their own crimes.
I responded to this nonsense and gave more details about the chemical attacks on schoolgirls.

“They don’t care about public pressure from outside Iran, they only care when the leaders of democratic countries take strong action and isolate Khameini and his gang of killers the way that they isolate Putin”

The intentional poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran is a revenge by Islamic Republic against the brave women who rejected the forced hijab and shook the ‘Berlin Wall’ of Khamenei.This biological terrorism should be investigated by the UN,”

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Like Taliban and Boko Haram now Islamic Republic is poisoning schoolgirls in Iran. More than 1200 students are being hospitalized. My interview with

@MSNBC on this biological terror and why we believe that the Iranian regime is behind the attacks. #MahsaAmini

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